Team Category: Board of Directors

Yambukai Finance - Board of Directors

Rohana Kumara

An extremely efficient and motivated Regional Director with more than twenty-three years of experience overseeing SME & Micro Finance companies in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia and African superintending a client base of over 400,000 clients. He has overseen the establishment of new businesses in Asia and Africa and has consistently strived for best performance in […]

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Eilex Felix Muzvondiwa

Eilex Muzvondiwa has over 35 years’ experience in banking and finance with 22 of these being in Microfinance. Eilex holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Master in Business Leadership majoring in Finance. He is a holder of the Institute of Bankers of Zimbabwe diploma. He is a Microfinance Practitioner of renown and is the […]

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Tawanda Marongwe

Mr Tawanda Marongwe is a Chemical Engineer by profession. He Holds a master’s degree in business leadership from the University of South Africa. He is a natural leader in business, social and all spheres of corporate effort, influential interpersonal communicator, negotiator and presenter. A passionate advocate for sustainable natural environment use and its rehabilitation especially […]

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