About Us – A Helpline In Times Of Need

Yambukai Finance - About Us – A Helpline In Times Of Need

Who we are

Company is registered with the registrar of companies and with the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe as a Credit Only Micro Finance. It previously operated as Yambukai Holdings Private Limited t/a Yambukai Finance from June 2000 before renaming to Yambukai Finance Private Limited

We are backed by the LOLC group, arguably the largest single conglomerate in Sri Lanka. It was established in 1980 and has grown to become a global conglomerate with operations in a wide range of business spectrums including Banking and Financial services, Agriculture and Plantations, Renewable Energy, Leisure and Accommodation, Construction, Manufacturing, Trading, and Information Technology. The global footprint of the group spans over 25 countries from Far East to South Asia to Central Asia to Africa

Yambukai Finance has branches in Harare, Chitungwiza, Masvingo, Gweru, Kwekwe, Gokwe, Mutare and plans are afoot to expand to other cities across the country.

Why People Choose Us?

Our unique position is to provide a wide range of responsive client centric microfinance solutions.

To be highly visible and preferred financial institution providing innovative microfinance services to the commercially active but marginalized people in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.

To provide innovative, client centric microfinance solutions of choice to a cross section of Zimbabwe’s urban and rural areas particularly the marginalized low-income group, underpinned by a highly competent and dedicated team for the mutual benefit of both ourselves and the target market.

  • Determination
  • Discipline
  • Diligence.
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Fairness.

About LOLC Group

  • Incorporated in 1980 and originally founded as Lanka ORIX Leasing Company has grown into the LOLC Group, Sri Lanka’s most valuable and profitable diversified conglomerate. Its global footprint spans across 25 countries, from Far-East, South Asia, Central Asia and Africa.
  • Besides a range of financial products and services, LOLC portfolio includes leisure, plantations, Agri-inputs, renewable energy, construction, manufacturing and trading and other strategic investments.
  • As a leading player in microfinance, the LOLC Group has been a catalyst in facilitating financial inclusion. Our role in the sector has enabled us to benefit many people and communities, whilst striving to maximize environmental benefits through green operations and processes in line with our triple bottom line focus in all we do.
  • The Group’s business interests are in key growth areas of the economy, and we are confident that LOLC will grow further both in potential and in value creation for the many stakeholders and partners that we serve as we continue to expand our international presence by actively seeking new opportunities.
  • The Banking & Financial services pillar is a key business area of LOLC group, and the global presence makes LOLC arguably the largest multi-geographical and multi-currency MSME platform.
  • Africa is at the centre of LOLCs global expansion strategy. It is currently operational in banking and finance in 10 countries. LOLC entered Zimbabwe Microfinance market with the acquisition of 70% stake in Yambukai Finance Private Limited, a licensed Microfinance Institution regulated by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, in 2022. Following the acquisition, LOLC deployed various strategies and initiatives in the business reinvigoration process including the rebranding of Yambukai Finance.